Wurth Carburetor & injector cleaner 100ml



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  • Introducing Wurth Carburetor & injector cleaner 100ml

    Cleaning metal surfaces from grease, dirt and oil.

    Easy to use.

    Effective Cleaning - Removes dirt, residue & deposits that can adversely affect the performance of throttles and carburetors.

    Helps in Performance Improvement - lubricates throttle bodies and carburetor assemblies to help restore maximum operating efficiency.

    Multi Part cleaner - It cleans throttle body assembly, carburetors, automatic chokes, linkages, and PCV valves very well. It leaves no residue on exterior surfaces.

    • 1. Brand - Wurth.

      2. Model Number - Carburetor & Injector Cleaner 100ml.

      3. Suitable For - LPG Engine, Petrol Engine, Diesel Engine.

      5. Used For - Cars & Bikes.

      6. Pack of - 1.