Wurth Rust Off Spray Engine Cleaner



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  • Introducing the myTVS Wurth Rust off Spray Engine Cleaner  - Your Reliable Travel Companion!

    Explore Wurth's Rust Off Spray, a trusted solution for rust issues.

    Compact 100 ml quantity for easy application and storage.

    Versatile application on Diesel, LPG, and Petrol engines.

    Effective degreaser to tackle tough grime.

    Ideal for use on cars, bikes, rusted areas, and various machines.

    Convenient spray container type for precise and efficient usage.

    Tailored for combating rust in diverse settings.

    A reliable choice for maintaining engine and machinery health.

    Ensure longevity and performance with Wurth's quality formula.

    The perfect companion for enthusiasts and maintenance professionals alike.

    • 1. Brand - Wurth

      2. Model Number - Rust off spray.

      3. Quantity - 100ml

      4. Suitable for - Diesel Engine, LPG Engine, Petrol Engine.

      5. Pack of - 1